Angrove Country Park’s Buyer’s Guide

The prospect of buying a lodge at Angrove Country Park often raises lots of questions:

“Is it like buying a house?”

“Do we need a solicitor?”

“What’s involved?”

As such, we’ve put together a quick but comprehensive guide that will explain everything you need to know! Of course, we appreciate that people might have questions that we don’t cover here – so we’re always happy to give you a call back and answer anything specific over the phone! 

Much simpler than a house!

Firstly, we’d like to ease any fears about buying a lodge being complicated! It’s really not – and doesn’t require the involvement of conveyancers or any legal input. 

In fact, buying a lodge is probably more comparable to buying a car – there’s important paperwork involved, but it’s simply understood – and part of our legal obligation is to make sure everything you need to know all laid out in black and white.

So, what’s involved?

In reality, the most significant part of the buying process involves your personal taste! There are lodge parks around the country – as well as a huge selection of lodges for every taste and budget. After discussions with the customers who’ve come to see us at Angrove, we’ve put together a few thinking points or questions you might like to ask yourself before signing on any dotted lines!

“Is the location right for me?”

For most people, a luxury lodge is somewhere they escape to – perhaps at the weekend – or certainly for weeks or months at a time - where life allows! As such, the location has to be right.

While the Yorkshire Moors and the Cleveland foothills are remarkably beautiful – it would probably get tiring if you had to drive 6 hours to get here every Friday evening! So, the first question really revolves around proximity to your home.

Don’t worry – there’s no right or wrong answer – just ask yourself if you could see yourself making the trip to your lodge frequently? Ultimately, having a lodge at Angrove is intended to make life that little more relaxing and luxurious – so we wouldn’t want any of our owners dreading the drive to their lodge!

Of course, the local area has to be right too. The people who’ve bought lodges here tend to remark on quite how beautiful the area is – and quiet! Why not check our blog post about things to do near to the park – and see if it ticks the right boxes for you?

“Is the park right for me?”

There are over 3,500 lodge and leisure parks in the UK – so it’s fair to say that there’s something out there for everyone! Of course, we’ve created Angrove with the firm opinion that it’s the very best the North of England has to offer – but finding the right park for you is very important.

We’re a small lodge park – although the space surrounding our lodges is likely to beat any other park you find! Angrove is all about peace, quiet – and natural beauty – if that appeals to you, then we might be ticking more boxes on your wish list!

Ultimately, there’s no better way to decide if a park is right for you than to visit. Don’t worry – we don’t have salespeople at Angrove, so you’re not going to find yourself pressured into being here. Instead, we really just recommend that people come along and see how they feel when they wander around the park. There’s no better judge of a place than that feeling you get when something’s ‘just right’.

“Are the running costs manageable?”

You’ll no doubt be aware that lodges come with a relatively small list of running costs – but no matter how small that list is, it’s important to make sure they suit your pocket.

As with your home, the actual costs vary based on use – so rather than list every possibility here, we’d always recommend chatting to us at the park, so we can give you some accurate indications of what those costs are likely to be. Don’t worry – we understand that being absolutely transparent with costs is key – so we’ll make sure we list everything for you – from the bigger things like site fees, to small incidental costs - like gas safety checks.

“Can I find a lodge that suits my needs?”

Finding a lodge that’s exactly right for you is another important part of the jigsaw – but, in our experience, this is the easy part!

Again, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to finding the right lodge. Some people like plenty of space – some people like cosy. For everyone who likes light wood, there’s someone who prefers dark wood. Of course, there’s the price to consider too – and we’re always happy to run you through prices of the lodges we have at the park.

A little like finding the right location for you – our experience suggests that you’ll know the right lodge when you step inside or sit down on the sofa. You’ll find innovative 360 immersive tours on the individual lodge listing that will give you an idea of what to expect – but we’d always recommending coming and having a look in person.

Of course, looking around lodges is the part everyone loves (us very much included!) – but on your search for the perfect getaway, we can’t stress how important it is that you find the right location and park for your needs too.

A quick checklist

When you’re buying something as wonderful as a lodge, it’s easy to get carried away, as such; we’ve made a quick checklist of considerations to keep in mind when you’re looking at lodge parks – they are:

Is this location right for us?

Do we get the right ‘feel’ when we’re on the park?

How do the running costs seem?

Is there a lodge that we’ve fallen in love with?

Having a lodge is a big commitment – and one that needs to be exactly right for you. It’s not until you’ve got positive answers to those questions that we’d suggest taking things forward.

Would you like to have a look around Angrove Country Park?

If you’d like to come and have a look at Angrove Country Park – we’d be delighted to have you. Why not get in touch by filling out a few details below – we’re always happy to show people around, there’s never any obligation – and we’ll make sure the kettle is on when you arrive!