Time for a change at The G & Tea House

When we opened the G&TeaHouse back in May 2018 we were a family of three. We had no idea what to expect really, would anyone come? should we sell scones? does anyone even like gin anymore?!....but what an amazing journey it has been, we've loved it and have been overwhelmed at the amount of support we got (thank you x)  and yes, it seems people still do like gin!
We are now a family of four - and I suppose in some ways a family of five as the TeaHouse has been very much like having another child in the family! We've watched it grow and develop and bring joy and excitement but as with any child, there have been many tears and times it has fought back and tested us!!
Pre-covid we were on the brink of a big necessary change which obviously was stopped in its tracks in March. Like many many businesses we had some horrible decisions to make, they were not nice times. Time has passed and many conversations have since been had, it's time for us to move on and let someone else move it forward.
And so, as of next month (July 2020) the G&TeaHouse will be in the very capable hands of Michael Jones  who many of you will already know from Acklam Hall. He will be introducing himself to you all shortly and sharing his delicious menu's and ideas which we are really looking forward to!  Michael will be taking the reigns and being the new face, drive and mentor of the G&TeaHouse, but it will still remain a very important and much loved part of our Angrove Country Park family.
It is a very exciting time for the TeaHouse and we wish Michael all the best for his journey onwards as he takes our very special third child, the G&TeaHouse, under his wing
Lots of love Alan Louise Edward & Margot xxx