Bee busy!

We were lucky enough to have earned the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme’s Honey Bee Friendly Park Award for the work we have been doing to conserve bee’s and give them a place to live.

Bees have had a bad press in the past, known mostly for their stings! But bees play a very important part in sustaining our ecosystem and are particularly needed for pollinating crops grown for human consumption including fruit and vegetable, rapeseeds and sunflowers which are turned into cooking oils.

Work has been taking place around the Park, throughout the winter to ensure that this spring and summer has provided an environment where bees can thrive. We have wildflower meadows all around the Park which not only look stunning but provide all the flowers and happy bee could possibly want!

We have also been trying to spread the word about how important bees are to our countryside and with every Afternoon Tea ordered from our G & Tea House, we have gifted a packet of bee friendly wildflowers for people to plant in their own gardens so hopefully other people will be doing their bit to help the bees too 😊