Yeh!!! - We've won an award!

We have been awarded a Silver David Bellamy Conservation Award 2019/20. As a new park we weren’t sure we would be awarded any grade so to be given a Silver is very exciting. In addition to our Silver award we have also been given habitat badges for Woodlands, Wildflowers and Hedges and then to top it all off we have been designated a Honey-Bee Friendly Park!

We are over the moon about these awards. Although we have only been open 18 months, we have worked so hard to focus on conservation, sustainability and our environment. It was important to us right through the planning and development stages and even more so now that the park is up and running.


The David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme is one of the longest running green tourism awards in the UK. Creating and managing the places where animals and plants live is one of the most important things a holiday park can do for the environment. Few other businesses can give wildlife a home in the way a holiday park can.

Holiday parks are all regularly assessed by the scheme’s team of local wildlife experts. The assessors look at the steps are taking to:

  • Manage their land as a haven for wildlife
  • Reduce their use of energy, water and other resources
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle the waste they produce
  • Support their local communities

The Award Scheme is also asking all participants to give extra attention to five specific habitats over a five-year period. Each year, parks can win a Habitat Badge for the work they undertake. As we were not open when the project started, we have been assessed for the first 3 years habitats all at once, and have been successful in each one -Woodlands, Wildflowers and Hedges.

We will next be working towards the ‘Going Green Together’ award where we will be focusing on how our guests can work together with us to help reduce our carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Our solar farm was recently completed which has now made us 100% self-sufficient in electricity. We have installed two electric car charging points which are regularly used free of charge by our holiday guests and also visitors to the G & Tea House, topping up their cars while they enjoy coffee and cake or a delicious lunch in the warm.


Bees are a vital part of the British countryside. Not only are they beautiful and fascinating creatures, they are one of the most important pollinators of crops and other plants. That’s why the recent dramatic decline in many of Britain’s bee species is such bad news.

To try to help, the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme (DBCAS) has teamed up with the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) to run the Honey Bee Friendly Park Project. The project, which has been running since 2015, aims to get as many holiday parks as possible working to conserve Britain’s bees. In 2018, over 500 member parks took the Honey Bee Pledge and did lots of important work for bee conservation and we are now very happy to be told the work we are doing to encourage honey bees is deemed important enough to be part of this project.