The Angrove Ethos

Follow our private road over the River Leven and you’ll feel something special. Come rain or shine, the park is a beautiful place to be – but it’s not just the lush green countryside and never-ending skies that make Angrove Country Park magic. We strive to make your time on the park unforgettable - we call that hard work and attitude ‘the Angrove Ethos’.

We know that relaxing means something different to everyone. For some people, putting their feet up with a coffee and a newspaper is ideal – for others, an early morning run or brisk bike ride is the perfect way to unwind. Whatever relaxing means to you, doing it at Angrove is even more special – and we work hard to make sure that’s the case.

Angrove Country Park is built on the belief that some things that shouldn’t be left to chance when you’re enjoying your leisure time. When you come to the park, you’ll meet a team of people who go the extra mile - especially for you. If you’re looking for a place where the park owners are never far away – and always happy to help, make recommendations, drop off a morning paper or just give a friendly wave as you go about your day – Angrove will be perfect for you.

The Angrove Ethos starts with how our park is run. We don’t answer to a large leisure company or a room full of shareholders – we’re a family run luxury lodge park – and we’ve created the kind of place we’d want to spend our leisure time.

When you join us at the park, you’ll quickly realise the whole team is here for you. The good feeling at Angrove isn’t one that’s come as a result of extensive customer service training – it’s just good old-fashioned hard work, honesty, manners – and above all, the friendly and welcoming feeling you get from a team of people who love what they do.

If the Angrove Ethos appeals to you, why not come and see how we operate, have a look at the lodges we have for sale? and best of all, enjoy a coffee with a slice of cake at the G & Tea House.