Pets Policy

To make sure everyone's stay at the park is as enjoyable as can be, we have a policy relating to pets. It might look like a lot to read - but don't worry, we appreciate that most pet owners are responsible and consider other guests - and our policy reflects that.


You are more than welcome to bring your dog along with you on your holiday if you’re staying in one of our pet-friendly holiday lodges. Please be aware that all these lodges are extremely popular and tend to book out well in advance.

Our lodges are located in stunning countryside which makes for lots of places to explore by foot with your dog. You can leave the front door of your lodge with your dog straight into a day of trekking the nearby surroundings, towns and villages.

The G & Tea House is happy to meet visiting dogs and we have lots of doggy visitors from the local community who visit especially to get a sausage while their owners have their breakfast. At the current time staff at The G&Teahouse have had to review their policy and it is the safest option to only allow dogs outside at the moment. However, as long as your little four legged friend is clean they are more than welcome in the heated outdoor dining pods!

We do have some rules so that your dog enjoys the holiday as much as you do:

  • On booking for your pet, you are confirming it is fully up to date on its flea and vaccination treatment.
  • Please keep your dog(s) under close control and on a lead at all times when walking through the Park for their own safety as well as the comfort of others. We have lots of rabbits around us in the fields which some dogs find very exciting and want to follow; we don’t want them getting lost.
  • Please do not leave your dog(s) in the lodge unattended as they may get nervous and cause damage or mess.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms. Please shut the doors to rooms you’re not using so that dogs do not sneak into bedrooms when your back is turned. We know how they like to find the sunshine!
  • Please pick up after your dog(s) wherever they are and dispose of poo in the doggy bins or an outside bin, even if it’s raining. Also, please do it as you go along as our grounds team may well mow the grass while you’re out and it’s easier for them if the grass is clear of poo.
  • Please clean the lodge of dog hair before you leave; if properties require excessive cleaning an extra cleaning fee of £60 will be charged to cover the cost of additional cleaning time. We provide vacuum cleaners in all of the lodges.
  • Please don’t encourage your dog to go into the two ponds we have on the Park. The sides are steep and they may well struggle to get out as well as come out covered in algae!

We have an area on the park where dogs are allowed to run off their lead if this is something your dog is used to. The same rules apply about cleaning up after your pet too please. Our park has direct access to the public footpath too which runs along the river and there are several places where dogs can easily access the water for paddling or swimming.

We are dog owners ourselves, so we are very aware that every dog is different, they have different likes and dislikes and behaviour temperaments. We are a dog-friendly park, so people know to expect they may see dogs when they come to stay however please be mindful of other guests so that any ‘doggy behaviour’ - such as barking - do not become an annoyance to other people.

We do reserve the right to require the owner of any dog or other pet to remove it from the park if we consider it to be a nuisance or to be interfering with the general comfort of our other guests. But of course, we hope this doesn’t happen as it would have an impact on your holiday too!

Other Pets

Other pets may be allowed, so you’ll need to contact the park before you book to see if we can accommodate your pet and to discuss the charge which may be different according to the kind of animal.

How much will it cost to bring my pet on holiday?

A charge of £30 per dog per stay is required and a maximum of 2 dogs are allowed per accommodation.

Any Questions?

If you have any pet related questions - please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - either by calling us here at the park directly - or using the contact form below.